JS Colleague in Rio 2016

Anders Kolbo Ready to Samba at The Paralympic Games in Rio 2016

Sports enthusiast and highly valued colleague at JS Danmark, Anders Kolbo, has scored the job as TV host for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Danmarks Radio, at the Paralympic Games in Rio in 2016. Kolbo will take leave from his position in JS Danmark while working with Danmarks Radio at the Games in Rio. This is an exceptional opportunity for Kolbo to show Danish viewers that living with a physical disability is not tantamount to living a restricted and uneventful life. We are proud to have Kolbo on our team, and we are happy and excited to share him with the rest of Denmark when Rio goes live in September 2016.

  "I think this is going to be very interesting and fun at the same time. Asking questions and communicating with people is something that I find very natural, and it's also one of my key competences which I have developed from my work place at JS Danmark," says Anders Kolbo.