JS is Part of the Largest IT Conference in San Francisco

Because, being good at something is not enough! You have to know what to be good at

Build is an annual Microsoft conference specifically targeted at IT developers. The special thing about Build is that it focuses on discovering and selecting upcoming technologies rather than just improving skills on existing technologies.

"Another unique thing about this conference is that the architects and developers who built the tools that we as JS's IT developers use every day attend the conference too - as speakers and as experts that we can network with. Being able to lay out our architecture in front of industry experts and get their advice on our particular situation is very valuable and ensures that we reach our full potential," explains Tau Sick, IT Development Manager.

And Tau Sick continues: "Being a part of Build 2016 ensures that we are always one step ahead on new technology. Therefore, we can give our colleagues the best features in our internal IT system, and we can ensure that our customers worldwide get solutions with state-of-the-art technology."