Printed Advertising Takes the Lead – the Demand is at its Highest Level!

The print media are the less expensive way to stand out to your customers

In recent years, there has been a huge focus on the digital media's possibilities. Now there seems to be a comeback of the printed media, for many reasons. People exposed to printed advertisements are more likely to buy compared to people exposed to digital advertisements; printed media deliver the message effectively. Furthermore, printed media are much better at holding the readers' attention and allowing for involvement. Last but not least, printed media appeal more to emotions, and companies can more easily stand out with exquisite and different formats.

It is really just about synergies among the different media. How do the media supplement each other most effectively? The answer is the MultiMedia Brochure. JS World Media helps you target your audience by means of the MultiMedia Brochure: one brochure for all platforms - offline and online. Take a look at our unique product here.