The New Interactive Brochure Concept Is Already a Great Success

At JS World Media, we have now launched our new concept: augmented reality for businesses.

The Interactive Brochure offers the readers communication through technology both in print and online. The brochure becomes interactive through augmented reality featuring our very own GoZee app. Through the GoZee app, readers can explore the printed brochure with a smartphone or tablet. Readers can also access the brochure online and experience the interactive features on their screens. The interactive content and dynamic motion design engage the readers who want to try it when they see it.

The Interactive Brochure contains unique features such as:

  • 360° panoramas – allow the readers to take a look around

  • Photo galleries – show the readers details about products, services or processes

  • Cinemagraphs – surprise the readers with living photos

  • Clickable icons – allow the readers to go straight to a website, social media site, etc.

  • Snap videos – give the readers insight into the business case through interviews, testimonials or tutorials

To see how the Interactive Brochure works, take a look at this video. At JS World Media, we are looking forward to working even more with our new concept, and it would be a pleasure to give power to your story too.