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The perfect packages for your purpose

Our well-tested communication packages combine the right mix of content and media to drive your success. Equal for all packages is an efficient process to ensure a smooth experience for you from the first call to the final delivery of your package.

You can use our packages to tell your story with compelling marketing materials. And the best part? It’s co-branded and funded by your suppliers and business partners via ads – leaving zero production costs to you. Scroll down to find the communication package that suits your needs.

Full-service communication packages

The core of all our communication packages is targeted content to reach your recipients most effectively. Choose from a variety of packages to find the right mix of media and marketing material that matches your purpose.


Film, SoMe video and interactive brochure – all in one package

With ProFilm, you get a communication package that includes all the material you need to take your online activities to the next level. In this package, you get a professional film, a SoMe (social media) video and an interactive brochure.

The focus of the ProFilm package is the professional film. And that’s not a coincident. Films and videos can make wonders when you want to get people’s attention, create trust and get your message to stick to their minds.

If you want to bring life to your story, the ProFilm package is the solution for you.

  • Professional film
  • SoMe video
  • Interactive brochure


Interactive and printed brochures – for online and offline presence

Our ProPaper package includes a great combination of online and offline material. It gives you the opportunity to neatly present your company or offerings in an interactive brochure and a printed brochure.

A brochure works perfect for first impressions to make a statement from the very first page. With nice images and captivating interactive features, the brochure will encourage your target group to read on.

The ProPaper package is a great choice when you want to inspire, inform and engage your audience.

  • Interactive brochure
  • Printed brochure


Make it easy. Choose between 2 well-tested concepts.


Solid concepts. We deliver to +30,000 customers each year.


Exploit the experience from +14,900,000 online views every year.

See the packages in action

Check out some of our many success cases. Be inspired by how you can use the communication packages to tell your story in an appealing way – specifically tailored to your brand and target groups.

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