The benefits of becoming an Advertiser

Boost your business through co-branding

The communication packages contain different kinds of ads. The ads are the core of our co-branding concept. We have created a setup in which companies can display their brands together in a cohesive collaboration.

It’s basically good business for everyone. The communication package will be funded, and you’ll get maximum brand exposure as an advertiser.

Say hello to interactive ads

As an advertiser, you’ll have your brand exposed multiple times. Your ad and brand will be featured in all the marketing material of the communication package. That way, you’ll get the maximum effect of your advertising.

Your ad will get an extra twist as it’ll be made interactive – catching the attention of the viewers through motion design, photo galleries, moving elements and other captivating effects.

That way you get a maximum payoff as an advertiser.

More than the traditional advertising benefits


Strengthened relationship

Support your cooperation partner with an ad and get a stronger relationship.

Trustworthy reference

Use the material with your ad as a trustworthy reference and increase your brand awareness.

Great exposure

Get full exposure throughout the lifespan of the communication package and not just in a limited advertising period.
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Reach further with your ad

With your ad being part of a communication package, it’ll be exposed to many viewers via multiple media. As a result, you’ll benefit from increased visibility in the market.

The brochures are often used in the reception, at meetings, trade shows, events and bidding rounds. The online material, including the film and interactive brochure, will be used for a wide range of digital channels such as website, social media and e-mail.

All in all, a lot of exposure potential.

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Increase engagement with interactive features

The interactive brochure is a part of our communication packages. As the core of our offerings, we have put extra hard work in the look and feel of the ads in the interactive brochure.

By using interactive features, your ad will capture the attention of the reader. Linking to your website is one thing but think about what photo galleries, motion design, cinemagraphs and other interactive features can do to your ad.

Captivating interactive ad features

The interactive brochure is one of the core products in all of our packages. To ensure you get an impactful ad, we have put extra work in creating a selection of interactive features to bring your ad to life in the online brochure.

Photo gallery

Encourage the reader to swipe through multiple photos.

Web icon

Link directly to your website – you choose the destination.


Let your ad come to life with simple video elements.

SoMe icons

Invite more engagement to your social media accounts.

Motion design

Add movement to focus areas in your ad.

Own video

Use your own video material to grab the attention of the viewer (add-on)

Power to your story – let’s get started

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