Grab the viewer’s attention online with high-quality and professional marketing material. With ProFilm, you get a powerful communication package consisting of a professional film, a social media video, an interactive brochure and social media posts. This is the perfect combination of content to empower digital channels.

Intriguing interactive features bringing your content to life

Benefit from intriguing interactive features in your online brochure to make it stand out. This is the perfect opportunity to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Photo gallery

Let your readers swipe through an inspiring photo gallery – right within your interactive brochure.

Web icon

Redirect your readers to your website, webshop, contact page – or wherever you want.


Bring life to your images by adding simple video elements with a captivating effect.

360˚ panorama

See the full picture of a room, location or other site for a realistic point of view.

Motion design

Captivate your audience with moving graphics, pictures or text.

Snap video

Add an authentic twist with short, powerful videos of you or your employees (add-on).

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Professional film

Make your business stand out as more personal and authentic. The professional film is a great tool to retain visitors on your website or engage an audience in other settings.

Whether you want to attract more top candidates to your team, introduce your products or services in an understandable way or communicate about your sustainable initiatives, a film is a tool that maximizes the effect of your message.

Either way, it can have a captivating effect – making your brand stick to people’s memory.

2/4 products in this package

Social media video

Boost your social media activities with a short but effective video. The social media video is characterized by communicating simple messages, catching the viewer’s attention in a busy feed and being easy to share – all with the purpose of increasing your brand exposure.

Just like our professional film, our social media video includes elements like music, highlighted text phrases, call to action and outro to create a scroll-stopper effect in your target group’s feed and to guide them through your customer journey.

3/4 products in this package

Interactive brochure

The interactive brochure constitutes more than your average brochure. It brings your story to life in a new digital setting thanks to the intriguing interactive features. Wow your readers with interactive features like motion design, cinemagraphs, photo galleries and other popping features.

Say goodbye to the static PDF file. Instead, create a unique reading experience for your recipients with the interactive brochure. It encourages them to interact with the material in a whole new way.

4/4 products in this package

Social media posts

Elevate your online presence and reach your target audience with effective distribution of your communication package on social media.

You get professional social media posts with compelling text and visuals – tailored for optimal performance on social media.

Benefit from a package with ready-to-publish posts – easy for you to publish on your own or you can have us publish them on your behalf. Either way, you maximize the impact of your communication package on social media.

Boosting awareness online

The ProFilm package is perfect for improving your presence on digital channels. You get a performance-optimized selection of marketing material that can be used for all sorts of purposes – contributing to more online exposure.

One location for all of your content

You get your very own content hub (MySite) gathering all your marketing material in one location. That includes your film, social media video, interactive brochure and all photos and video materials from the photo and video shoot.

Optimized to your convenience

We have tested and perfected this package for the purpose of particularly one thing: to create a process that’s efficient and convenient for you – ensuring a great outcome.

Cost free production

The concept’s simple. The communication package is funded by co-branding and ads from your suppliers and business partners who want to participate in the project. That makes the production of the material free of charge for you.

A man sitting at a desk and working while wearing a headset and talking to a customer.

Leave the work to us

Based on thousands of cases, we know what it takes to efficiently bring this kind of project from start to finish. So, why not leave all the work to us?

We’ll take care of everything from raising the funding to designing and producing all the material for your communication package – ensuring you get professional marketing material. You just have to tell us your story, so we can unfold your message in a compelling and captivating package.

Easy online sharing


Get maximum exposure of your business by sharing your interactive brochure via e-mail signatures to customers, suppliers, business partners and prospects.


Add captivating elements to your website with the film and interactive brochure to retain visitors longer on your website.

Social media

Generate brand awareness, leads and traffic to your website from social media when sharing the compelling social media video and interactive brochure.


Neatly present your film or interactive brochure on big screens – perfect for conferences and trade shows.

A man and a woman flipping through a brochure while looking at each other and talking.

An effective experience from beginning to end

Everything is streamlined and optimized – all with the purpose of making it simple and convenient for you.

We have well-defined steps for everything, including funding, design and delivery, which leaves the work at our table and not on yours. We just need a list of potential advertisers and an interview with you to learn which message you want to communicate in your material. Then, we can take care of the rest.

We offer continuous service and support by helping you with the online implementation. You’ll also get useful tips and advice on how to get the most out of your communication package.

Power to your story – let’s get started

Do you want to reach your target groups with the most effective mix of content and media? Get in touch. We’re here to help you tell your story.