Satucon attracts new employees with a top quality brochure 

When searching for new employees, it is important to be able to share all relevant information in an appropriate way. To achieve this goal, Satucon continued their collaboration with JS Suomi. 

The updated communication package ensures high quality communication and up-to-date information in the future, thus helping to effectively reach potential employees. 

Satucon Oy
Communication package
ProPaper – Interactive and printed brochures
Publish date
January 2024

A working channel for specialist doctors  

Satucon is a community of specialists that enables doctors to be entrepreneurial in a safe, efficient and easy way. The company does not have its own medical practices, but Satucon’s associate doctors practice in various private and public sector locations. In addition to this, Satucon practices pharmaceutical research and offers education.  

Satucon was originally founded in 1986 and currently employs 127 people. Satucon’s core values are respect for human dignity, community, openness, honesty and efficiency. 

Strengthening the network of partner doctors 

Satucon has already in the past aimed to gear its website and other marketing towards future shareholders. In practice, this means presenting the company’s activities and the opportunities it can offer.   

Reaching out to prospective shareholders with the help of a printed and interactive brochure was seen as a good way to enhance this communication. 

The end result is a professionally executed package, where the contribution of our own work was minimal. JS Suomi took care of almost every step from start to finish.
Satucon Oy

Positive results speak for themselves

Increase in the number of employees 

Material effectively reaches the desired target group 

An easy and cost-effective process 

Partners contributed to the project costs and project management was active

The versatility of the material 

High-quality, professional material that is easy to use for different purposes 

The highlight of the project has been the positive feedback from the company’s board.
Satucon Oy

Information package for professionals

The new brochures are a great way to share information about the benefits of membership of the doctors’ network. Through informative brochures, the company maintains its image as a professional and reliable operator.

Satucon believes that the company’s image has improved thanks to the new communications package. They received a high-quality electronic brochure, which is distributed as an attachment to emails and on the website. The printed version can be handed out at trade fairs and meetings, for example.

The significant increase in the number of employees has been particularly positive. Over the last four years, the workforce has increased by around 50 percent. Satucon believes that cooperation with JS Suomi has played an essential role in this growth, as three communication packages have been implemented in total over the past few years. Previous brochures also focused on introducing the company to potential new employee shareholders.

You can see the new Satucon brochure here.  

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