Inspire and engage your target groups with the most effective marketing materials – online and offline. With ProPaper, you get a well-tested communication package that consists of an interactive brochure, a printed version of the brochure and social media posts to stand out on digital channels and in real life.

Engaging interactive features

Benefit from captivating interactive features in your online brochure to make it stand out. The perfect opportunity to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Photo gallery

Let your readers swipe through an inspiring photo gallery – right within your interactive brochure.

Web icon

Redirect your readers to your website, webshop, contact page or wherever you want.


Bring life to your photos by adding simple video elements with a captivating effect.

360˚ panorama

See the full picture of a room, location or other site for a realistic point of view.

Motion design

Captivate your viewers with moving graphics, images or text.

Snap video

Add an authentic twist with short, powerful videos of you or your employees (add-on).

1/3 products in this package

Interactive brochure

The interactive brochure is so much more than a brochure. Not only does it unfold your message, it also brings your story to life in a captivating way because of the interactive features.

People are used to reading static material. With the interactive brochure, your stories will pop. Expect a unique reading experience with interactive elements such as motion design, photo galleries, video content and other engaging features.

2/3 products in this package

Printed brochure

Create memorable real-life experiences by handing out printed brochures. This package includes a printed version of your brochure, which makes your brand come even more to life.

Use the printed brochure as your extended business card in the reception, at meetings, trade shows and all kinds of events. It’s an effective way to give your prospects, business partners, potential candidates or others something tangible where they can actually turn the pages and feel your brand in a whole new setting.

3/3 products in this package

Social media posts

Boost your online presence and reach your target groups. Effective distribution of your communication package on social media makes it possible.

Use professional social media posts with captivating text and visuals to elevate your performance on social media. You get a tailored package including ready-to-publish posts, ensuring you can take your social media game to the next level.

Whether you want to publish the social media posts yourselves or you want us to do it on your behalf, you get maximum impact of your communication package on social media.

The perfect mix

The ProPaper communication package is the perfect mix of media and content for online and offline usage. This leaves you with a great selection of marketing material for all kinds of purposes.

Access to your own content hub

Get access to your very own content hub with MySite gathering all your materials from your communication package. This includes online and offline brochures, photos and videos (if any). This provides you with content for all platforms.

Time-saving and convenient

Based on more than 30,000 success cases, we have tested and perfected the process, ensuring it’s a time-effective and smooth experience for you from start to finish.

Free of charge

Your communication package is funded by your suppliers and business partners through co-branding and advertising. This leaves zero production costs to you.

Four people in a conference room looking at brochures and smiling.

We do the work

From raising funding to designing the ads and producing your marketing material, we do all the work. We just need to hear your story, so we can wrap it up in a nice and compelling package that’ll wow your audience.

Easy online sharing

MailView – distribute

Distribute the interactive brochure via the company e-mail signatures for maximum exposure to customers, prospects, suppliers and business partners.

WebView – publish

Inspire and engage your website visitors by adding a direct link to the interactive brochure on your website.

SocialView – share

Let your employees share the interactive brochure on social media and open the door to more readers – and prospects.

WallView – present

Use this special view for presenting your interactive brochure on big screens in a professional and undisturbed setting at conferences, trade shows and meetings.

Two colleagues are sitting at a table and looking at brochures while pointing and talking.

A well-defined and optimized process

From start to finish, you’ll experience a process that’s streamlined in all its steps. This is to make it as simple and convenient for you as possible to receive your marketing material at the end.

We’ll take care of raising the funding, designing the material and delivering your communication package. All we need to get started is just a list of potential advertisers and to hear your story.

Once the package has been delivered, we’ll assist you with the online implementation of it and share useful tips and advice on how to benefit the most from your package. So basically, we’re with you all the way to ensure a well-organized process.

Power to your story – let’s get started

Do you want to reach your target groups with the most effective mix of content and media? Get in touch. We’re here to help you tell your story.