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Discover how CONTAGAS, a leading company in the distribution of industrial equipment, opted for the latest trends in corporate communication to show its history and services in an interactive and bilingual catalog, aiming to keep up to date and adapt to market changes. Find out how we helped CONTAGAS develop this multi-support, functional and attractive project to reach its target audience.

Communication package
ProPaper – Interactive and printed brochures
Publish date
December 2022

A story driven by progress

CONTAGAS is a leading company in distributing industrial equipment for regulating, measuring and controlling fluids. With 47 years of experience in the market, the company has consolidated its position thanks to the qualification of its human team, the commitment to a sector in constant evolution and the trust of the best suppliers from all over the world.

A man and a woman in a showroom looking at products at CONTAGAS.
Two colleagues from CONTAGAS are inspecting some products in the showroom.
An employee is standing at a work bench and working on a product.
A forklift is driving through the warehouse at CONTAGAS.
A man is walking down the hall at CONTAGAS.
Three employees from CONTAGAS inspecting a product at their office.
A showroom full of product at CONTAGAS.
A conference room full of people attending a meeting at CONTAGAS.

A complete communication package

CONTAGAS needed an interactive, bilingual catalog showing all its services, track record and scope of action, in order to reach its target audience and adapt to changes in the market, especially in terms of technology and communication with its customers.

A brochure mockup showing the brochure from the ProPaper communication package that CONTAGAS has received.
It is important for us to keep up to date and adapt to changes in the market, especially in terms of technology and communication with our customers. JS Comunicación has achieved this with the interactive brochure which has been very well received by both customers and suppliers.
Antonio Cuadra General Manager, CONTAGAS

International market presence

Working hand in hand with JS/Communication, CONTAGAS has developed a tool that showcases all of its services, track record and scope of action. In addition, CONTAGAS has incorporated a print run of the catalog to guarantee access to its target audience. The presence of some of its most important suppliers integrated into the contents of Gas, Industry, Projects and Energy Optimisation solutions has reinforced the solidity of the relationships with the manufacturers on the international scene.

As a result of this collaboration, CONTAGAS has managed to improve its presence in the market thanks to the use of the latest trends in corporate communication and the adaptation to changes in the market with a clear focus on the digital era. The incorporation of the online version of the catalog has allowed CONTAGAS’ reach to be much broader and more effective, reaching a younger and more technological public.

In short, the solution developed by CONTAGAS and JS/Communication has enabled the company to keep up to date and adapt to market changes in terms of technology and customer communication.

From CONTAGAS, we can affirm that the collaboration with JS Communication has had a positive impact on the communication and positioning of CONTAGAS in the market.

Check the result here.

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