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Lunds Kommuns Parkerings AB (LKP) chose an interactive communication package to spread information and knowledge about how LKP works with environmentally smart, nearby and simple parking solutions for motorists in Lund municipality.

Lunds Kommuns Parkerings AB
Communication package
ProFilm – Film, SoMe video and interactive brochure
Publish date
February 2023

One of the greenest parking companies of the future

LKP is a parking company in Lund with around 30 employees. Their task is to monitor parking on land and streets while meeting the need for parking facilities in Lund that promote urban development and the environment.

The future vision for LKP is to become Sweden’s greenest parking company. That means they work actively to find more and new solutions for their sustainability work and innovative parking solutions for their customers.

One step closer to the goal

For LKP to achieve its goal of becoming Sweden’s greenest parking company, they put a lot of energy into finding the right location for their mobility houses. With a strong personal commitment, they work to find the perfect parking solutions that benefit the environment, the city center and their customers. To inform motorists and customers about their work, they chose to use digital, environmentally friendly and efficient communication channels.

As LKP has a strong focus on the environment and sustainability, it was natural for us to choose a digital communication package. It gives us the opportunity to strengthen our vision of a greener world, while improving and strengthening our digital presence.
Hanna Communication at LKP

Unified communication package

LKP now has a single communication package that they can use to reach out to their customers in a professional and effective way. It is also environmentally friendly as it includes a digital, interactive brochure, a professional film and a SoMe video. LKP chose to add a smaller edition of printed brochures that can be used for the target group that is not as digital.

Over the years, we have had the great privilege of helping LKP produce relevant marketing material, and now also a video that can be used on digital channels. The interactive brochure is simple and easy to share both as a company presentation and to inform about how they work to become Sweden’s greenest parking company.

Professional films are the fastest-growing marketing medium of our time as people spend more and more time on websites and social media. By using film for marketing purposes, LKP can create a personal relationship with its target audience while conveying more information in a creative and simple way.

For more information on the benefits of ProFilm, click here.

Full focus on environmentally smart solutions

Professional marketing material

They now have professional marketing material they can share on their website and social media channels.

Clear structure

There was a good and clear structure throughout the project.

Great input

The project leader was well-versed in LKP and could give great input regarding content and video production.

A woman holding an iPad that shows the interactive brochure of LKP.
The communication package provided us with professional material to distribute to our customers. A big bonus is also that we could gather both the company presentation and our services in one place. The material feels like us. JS Sverige has captured both our tone of voice and graphic expression.
Hanna Communication, LKP

Easy to spread information and knowledge

The collaboration between LKP and JS Sweden has made it possible for LKP to spread both knowledge and information about how they currently work towards becoming Sweden’s greenest parking company in a simple, easily accessible and flexible way. Through the different parts of the communication package, they can reach out to their target group via the channel that suits them best.

The printed brochure, which they chose to add, is kept in their office and distributed to customers who need it. The professional video is widely distributed through their social channels, as well as the digital interactive brochure.

Take a closer look at LKP’s brochure with an integrated film here.

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Johan Söderman
Project Leader & Art Director – Team Leader

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