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The field of oral health care is in need of new students and professionals. JS Suomi produced a communication package for the association in Finnish and in Swedish, the package included a printed brochure and an interactive online version to be distributed on websites, newsletters and social media. The material is aimed to increase the familiarity of this line of business and ensure the number of proficient professionals in the future’s job market.

Communication package
ProPaper – Interactive and printed brochures
Publish date
November 2022

A powerful representation of oral health care personnel

STAL ry is the largest trade union for health personnel in Finland and the country’s only occupational association for dental nurses. Its members comprise around 6 000 dental hygienists, dental nurses, oral health care practical nurses, and students from these fields.

As a strong nationwide operator, STAL ry is raising the field’s familiarity and supervising the occupational benefits and rights for dental hygienists and nurses.

A dentist from STAL ry standing at a staircase and smiling.
Focusing on a dentist from STAL ry who is examining a patient.
A table showing different kinds of dentist equipment at STAL ry.
A patient getting her teeth checked by a dentist at STAL ry.

Ready for the congress

STAL ry needed a physical brochure to be distributed at the annual Finnish Dental Congress, which is the field’s most important annual event, therefore the printed brochure offered a great solution for this. The printed brochure was also provided for primary schools and high schools to use in vocational selection events.

The other part of the communication package – the online brochure – had of course a digital implementation destination: the association’s websites and Facebook page. In addition, the pictures taken in the shooting for the brochure could also be well utilized when illustrating the websites and social media channels.

A brochure funded by advertisers was a good option as an operating model for an association with limited resources.

The person who contacted us from JS Suomi had familiarized himself with STAL ry, which already made a good first impression. The operating model was clear and well-presented. We were given statuses for example about how the ad sales was going. I think the chosen advertisers were exactly the right ones: employers of the field. The contact persons were always available and it was pleasant to be in touch with all of them.
Mirkka Järvinen Executive Director, STAL ry

Authentic design to attract workforce and new members

The brochure was produced for STAL ry in order to boost the field’s attractiveness and draw more workforce. In addition to introducing job descriptions and education paths, the stories from a dental hygienist and a dental nurse gave the brochure authentic recommendations and demonstrated how one can get the education to work in this field of business and described what the work can be like.

At the same time, STAL ry got the opportunity to tell about their own operations to the potential members and co-operation partners. Thanks to the fact that the brochure’s content is easily approachable –  it also serves as a handy tool in the acquisition of new members.

Increasing awareness

Increasing the familiarity of this line of business and ensure the number of proficient professionals in the future’s job market.

Multi-channel purpose

Efficient communication package with printed and interactive brochure, used to utilize in multi-channel communication on social media, website, newsletters and congress.

Boosting attractiveness

Boosting the attractiveness to draw more workforce with autenthic recommendations and personal stories.

A woman holding a tablet viewing the front page of STAL ry's interactive brochure.
The project went smoothly, as promised. And we are very happy with the outcome. The brochure is fresh, modern and in line with the association’s other publications. The videos and changing pictures in the online brochure are serving the purpose and don’t feel forced. It’s a pleasure to pass this brochure forward.
Mirkka Järvinen Executive Director, STAL ry

Made for multi-channel purposes

Now, STAL ry has an efficient marketing tool to utilize in multi-channel communication. Multi-channel communication makes it possible to be widely visible to the target group, which helps to boost the attraction of the field. The printed brochure is an excellent information package to be distributed during exhibitions and in schools during vocational selection events.

The pictures taken during this project have already been utilized in the association’s websites and they will also be used in the illustrations for social media and in internal materials.

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