A professional and modern website is the foundation of your business’s online presence. It serves as your company’s outward face and is the first point of contact for potential customers, applicants, and partners to discover what your business offers and represents.

If your website lags behind your business and fails to signal that you have a successful enterprise, it’ll eventually reflect on your bottom line. Let’s help you create a new website that not only looks great but also contains content tailored to your target audience.

With the ProWeb package, you get a website, an interactive brochure and social media posts – a package designed to boost your company’s online presence.

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Professional website

Get a website that meets all modern requirements for platform, functionality and design. We build your new website in WordPress, the most widely used CMS (content management system) in the world. WordPress is highly user-friendly and constantly evolving to meet the demands of a modern website.

With us, you get a complete website – meaning a ready-to-launch site with texts and photos. SEO, a cookie banner, a site optimized for sharing and a mobile-friendly design are all taken care of. All of this to ensure you a professional website.

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Interactive brochure

The interactive brochure differs from the traditional format and transforms your message into a dynamic and captivating narrative. Its interactive features breathe life into your story, making it truly engaging.

While people are used to static reading materials, the interactive brochure offers a refreshing change. Your stories will come alive with motion design, photo galleries, video content, and other immersive elements, providing a unique and memorable reading experience.

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Social media posts

Use social media to reach your target audience. By posting on social media, you create visibility and interest for your business.

You will get more visitors to your website and more readers for your interactive brochure. Awareness of your company, products, and services will increase, putting you well on your way to generating more business.

Maximize online visibility

The ProWeb communication package gives you the opportunity to spread your messages across different platforms. The website serves as the central part of your online presence, while the interactive brochure offers an alternative way to present your content.

Your own content hub

Access all the material from your ProWeb communication package on Mysite. This includes the website material, interactive brochure, pictures and SoMe posts.

Efficient and convenient

Drawing from over 30,000 successful cases, we have refined and perfected our process to ensure a time-efficient and seamless experience for you from start to finish.

Zero costs for you

Your communication package is entirely funded by your suppliers and business partners through co-branding and advertising, ensuring no costs for you.

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We do the work

We handle everything, from securing financing to designing ads and producing the interactive brochure and website. We write the texts, coordinate with a professional photographer and thoroughly cover your messages to ensure they have the greatest impact on your target audience.

It has been a real pleasure to work with JS. They have been extremely responsive to our wishes and they have professionally created our new website. We are so pleased with the result and can really recommend JS as partners.
Jennie Hedqvist Marketer, Creando AB
The process of creating our website was smooth and very professional and today I feel nothing but joy.
Ulf Tjernström CEO & Sales, Kjellbergs Plast

Engaging interactive features

Elevate your online brochure with engaging interactive features to make it truly stand out. This is your ideal chance to set your brand apart from the competition.

Photo gallery

Allow your readers to effortlessly swipe through an inspiring photo gallery directly within your interactive brochure.

Web icon

Guide your readers effortlessly to your website, online store, contact page, or any destination you choose.


Animate your photos by incorporating subtle video elements for a mesmerizing effect.

360˚ panorama

Get a complete and realistic view of any room, location, or site, offering a true-to-life perspective.

Motion design

Engage your audience with moving graphics, images or text.

Snap video

Add a genuine touch with concise, impactful videos featuring you or your employees (optional add-on).

Easy online sharing

MailView – distribute

Maximize exposure by distributing the interactive brochure through company email signatures, reaching customers, prospects, suppliers, and business partners.

WebView – publish

Motivate and captivate your website visitors by incorporating a direct link to the interactive brochure on your site.

SocialView – share

Encourage your employees to share the interactive brochure on social media, expanding your reach to more readers and potential prospects.

WallView – present

Present your interactive brochure on large screens in a professional setting at conferences, trade shows, and meetings with this specuak view.

Two colleagues are sitting at a table and looking at brochures while pointing and talking.

A fine-tuned and structured process

From start to finish, our streamlined process ensures simplicity and convenience, making it easy for you to receive your marketing materials.

We handle everything: raising the funding, designing the materials, and delivering your communication package. All we need to get started is a list of potential advertisers and your story.

After delivering the package, we assist with its online implementation and provide valuable tips and advice to maximize its benefits. Essentially, we support you every step of the way to ensure a well-organized process.

Power to your story – let’s get started

Do you want to reach your target groups with the most effective mix of content and media? Get in touch. We’re here to help you tell your story.