6 easy but effective video editing tips for beginners – taking your videos from bland to brilliant

In today’s marketing world, you can’t avoid becoming acquainted with video. Are you using videos? If you find yourself still dipping toes in the pool of video editing techniques, fear not. This blog post is your ticket to taking your video editing game up a notch.

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Date 02. November 2023

In this blog post, you will explore simple yet powerful video editing techniques tailored for beginners. From seamless transitions to captivating narratives, you will discover the art of transforming ordinary videos into extraordinary stories. Are you ready to say goodbye to the bland and hello to easy but brilliant video editing techniques? Let’s go!

1️. Reinforce your brand identity

Logos and branded graphics aren’t just visuals; they’re your brand’s voice. When placed thoughtfully, they resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impression. But remember, consistency is key. Use them consistently across videos to boost recognition.

When adding brand identity during your video editing, this technique should focus on balancing subtlety with impact to ensure seamless integration. The impact lies in reinforcing your brand presence while allowing the story’s essence to shine through, creating a harmonious and memorable viewing experience for your audience.

Examples of how to add a dash of brand DNA to your videos

  • Intro/outro logo animation: Start and/or end your video with an animated version of your company logo
  • Watermark/corner logo: Place a small (transparent) version of your logo in one corner of the screen throughout the video
  • Lower thirds: Use branded lower thirds – which is usually graphical overlays or text – to display key information, such as speaker names, job titles or important points
  • Branded icons and symbols: Use branded icons and symbols to represent concepts, features or benefits within your video

Below you will see an example of a video that includes animated logo in the intro, branded elements and their logo placed in the upper right corner.

See the full version of this example of Bakkelygård Entreprenør & Anlæg ApS

2. Play with pace

Imagine a scene unfolding in slow motion, capturing every nuanced detail and emphasizing the significance of the moment. Conversely, fast-motion sequences infuse your video with dynamic energy and a sense of urgency that propels the narrative forward.

Can you imagine the impact it will have on your video?

By seamlessly integrating different speeds into your video, you craft a visual experience that not only informs but also captivates. Every change in speed becomes a deliberate choice. See this video editing tip as a storytelling tool that elevates your content from ordinary to extraordinary.

The example below shows a clip from a film that uses different paces to emphasize scenes. See the full version of the film here.

3️. Master creative transitions

Crafting a professional video involves smoothly transitioning between scenes, creating an intriguing expression that captivates viewers. An easy video editing tip for beginners is to integrate simple transitions between scenes. That way, your video gains a creative edge but in a subtle and professional way.

Transition techniques to consider when editing video

  • Fades: Gradually appearing or disappearing scenes from/to black for a smooth transition, perfect for avoiding abrupt changes in your video
  • Dissolves: Blending two scenes together, like mixing colors, for a gentle and seamless shift, creating a natural flow between scenes
  • Zoom: Enlarging or shrinking scenes to create a dramatic effect; zooming in for emphasis or out to reveal a broader perspective
  • Blur effect: Adding or removing blur to scenes, giving your video a dreamy or focused look and guiding the viewer’s attention intentionally
  • Color effect: Applying different colors or tones to scenes, transforming the mood instantly and enhancing the visual impact of your video transitions

This clip shows how you can use multiple transitions effect including zoom, dissolves and blur. See the full version of the film here.

4. Weaving the story together with voiceover

In videos, the voice is your storyteller, your guide and your connector. A guiding voice simplifies complexities and offers clear explanations that resonate. With insightful commentary, it adds expertise – shaping your brand as a thought leader.

Most importantly, through compelling storytelling, you can foster connections and make your audience a part of the narrative. But mastering narration isn’t just about words; it’s about creating an engaging, human experience that transforms information into compelling stories – turning viewers into leads or customers.

This video editing tip is the go-to when you want to take your video content up a notch. Focus on selecting a voiceover speaker that matches the purpose of your video and your target group.

Below you will find a great example of a clip from a film using voiceover to enhance the emotions. See the full version of the film here.

5. The power of music and sound effects

When using basic video editing tips, imagine your video as a melody, where the right music sets the tone – guiding your audience’s perception of the video. Upbeat tunes bring energy, perfect for product showcases, while gentle melodies suit reflective sequences.

You can also experiment with sound effects as an easy video editing trick. Sound effects, like a door opening or leaves rustling, add authenticity – making your story come alive. Oppositely, when strategically using silence, you can emphasize crucial points and let viewers absorb key information.

All in all, using music and sound effects can complement your content and enhance the impact of your video in ways you could never imagine. So this is a simple yet very effective video editing trick for beginners to explore.

Check out this example of a clip from a film that includes music to support the main message of the film. See the full version of the film here.

6. Use words that echo

Although videos often focus on sound and visuals, the written word is also relevant as a basic video editing tip. Text and titles are the unsung heroes to simplify complexities and emphasize essentials. When implementing words in the form of texts and titles, you guide your viewers through the main message of the video by conveying important information or highlighting key points.

Effective use of written words in your video provides clarity – ensuring your audience understands your message effortlessly. Beyond function, the style of your text is also crucial, as the styling infuses energy and captures attention. Thoughtfully crafted, these words become the heartbeat of your video.

Below you can watch an example where the clip includes great uses of text to highlight certain information. See the full version of the film here.

Navigating through easy video editing tricks: Start small, finish strong

These editing techniques can serve as inspiration. You don’t necessarily have to use all of them in all your videos. Start off small to see what impact it can have on your videos and then work from there by continuing experimenting and testing these different video editing tips for beginners. You got this.

P.S. Are you unsure how to keep track of how effective your videos are once you start elevating your video editing game? Check out this blog post about six video metrics to look out for.

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