5 strategies for memorable interactive marketing content

Do you want to start working with interactive marketing? But still haven’t gotten the hang of it? Check out these 5 ways to make your interactive marketing initiatives engaging and memorable.

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Date 26. April 2023
Icons showing different examples of interactive marketing strategies.

How do you stand out from the crowd when basically everyone is fighting for your target group’s attention? You turn on the stove to fire up your interactive marketing activities. Let’s dig into these 5 interactive marketing initiatives to boost engagement.

1. Make the user experience personal

Take your website – or just a single landing page – to the next level. You can add interactive features making it possible for visitors to interact with the content in unique ways.
Take the Chabot company Landbot for example. They have integrated their chatbot on the front page but encourage the visitor to interact with it to see what it can do. Pretty cool.

This is just one example. There are a lot of other great examples out there – from very simple to very complex.

Here are a few other examples to explore if you want inspiration on how to add interactive elements to your website:

  • Wordtune: Includes a pretty cool way to ‘test drive’ the extension.
  • Apps: This one is quite fun. Take an active part in plucking, squeezing and pouring.
  • Muzzle: Get a good laugh from the notifications (but also a great example of how to tap into the target groups’ pain and offer the solution on a silver platter – genius)
  • Martin Gauer: A landing page. With a Gameboy. That you can actually use. Wow, this one is for all the Millennials out there.

2. Make it memorable with interactive storytelling

Stories are great. That is if they are told in a nice and captivating way. Often, that requires some visualizations. You might know it from brochures, infographics, images, etc. But what if you could make your story come more to life than still images?

Interactive elements can make a world of a difference. From our own experience, image galleries, videos, motion design, 360°-panorama and cinemagraphs can really make a story pop right out of the screen.

Check out this example of a brochure with some show-stopping interactive elements to highlight the message. (You can also swipe through the brochure on your own here).

3. Make it fun with gamification

If you really want your audience to interact with your brand and create their own experience, gamification is the way to go. The gaming technique can turn the most boring quiz into a thrilling roller coaster ride.

Here are a few examples of marketing tools you can add a little gamification magic to:

  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Contests

4. Make it conversational

Interactive marketing is basically the art of making the audience interact. And what better way than to start a conversation? It doesn’t have to be a traditional “hello, how can I help you”-conversation. You can make it more casual and down to earth.

Here are three examples of ways to start a conversation:

  • Via a chat function on your website
  • During a live online event (e.g., a webinar or an online course)
  • In a comment section (e.g., for a blog post or on your social media posts)

These are great ways to avoid one-way communication. Instead, you can connect with your target group at eye level.

5. Make it shareable

Let’s say you have created some awesome, high-quality, interactive content (yay!). It’s live. It’s out there. People like it. And then it stops… Because you forgot to make it easy to share. What a bummer.

The point? Include nice CTAs and links or encourage the reader to share your content if they like it. The life span of your content will keep reviving itself over and over again as the share numbers go up. So, look out – it might turn into a great evergreen content piece before you know it.

Check out this example of how we include share options in our interactive brochure viewer.

Get ready to stir the interactive marketing pot

Try adding different kinds of interactive marketing ingredients to the pot of your marketing strategy. Experimenting is great as long as you learn along the way. And remember, you can always season it with your take on how to reach your audience. The most important thing is that you get engagement on the table.

And that’s a wrap. Now, go out there and stir up some interactive magic.

P.S. Are you considering adding films or interactive brochures to your marketing menu? We got you on that one. Check out our ProPaper and ProFilm concepts.

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