Quick-guide: 7 digital advertising methods to consider adding to your marketing strategy

Still haven’t started working with digital marketing full on? Digital advertising methods can be a great way to get started – but also to see some results fairly quickly. Try these 7 digital advertising methods.

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Date 24. March 2023
A computer and an iPhone showing examples of digital advertising methods.

“The future is digital!”. Ever heard that one? We would like to challenge that. The future is here. If digital and online marketing methods are still only a small part of your marketing strategy, you are lacking – or will lack – behind your competitors.

But where to start? Have a look at digital advertising methods. It’s pretty easy to get started, and you can track results from the beginning – compared to other marketing tactics that can be more long-term.

Let’s get to it. Here are 7 digital advertising methods to consider.

1. Social media ads

Ads on social media are a great place to start. Here, you can target your audience very specifically. For instance, based on demographics, interests, geographical location etc.

You can use social media ads to increase brand awareness, so more within your target group know your brand. This method is also really effective for remarketing. For instance, you can target people who have recently visited your website, seen one of your videos or interacted with your content.

Here’s a list of potential social media channels you can consider when doing social media ads:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

Make sure to select those channels that make sense for your business – and where your target group is.

2. Digital marketing material

A lot of traditional marketing materials are now featured online as well. E.g. brochures, videos, flyers and other. This gives you the opportunity to have ads in this kind of material that lives online.

Ideas could be industry magazines, supplier brochures, informative videos etc. It can make wonders for your brand awareness because you can “ride along” the sender’s audience and target group.

When choosing the media or sender, make sure it’s someone who is related to your target group or industry. That way you get more bang for your buck.

Here’s an example of one of our customers’ brochures that includes some really cool interactive ads.

Check out the whole brochure and the ads here.

3. Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising is a go-to for a lot of companies. With this method, you can be one of the first search results that a user sees when searching for a specific keyword related to your company.

For instance, if you search for JS Danmark on Google, you will see that the very first search result is marked sponsored and linking to JS Danmark.

Google isn’t the only search engine you can advertise on. Bing and Yahoo can also be relevant to look into – if your target group uses these search engines. Check out your Google Analytics or other web statistic tools to grab that information.

4. Online banner ads

Banner ads are a great way to get your brand out there to live and breathe. The purpose can be to increase brand awareness, so even more people know your brand. Another great purpose is remarketing.

So, if someone has recently visited your website, they will be exposed to your banner ads – or display ads as they also go by – on other web pages that are funded by ads. You might know them from news web pages and blogs.

A computer showing an example of online banner ads on CNN.

Photo: CNN

5. Online advertorials

Advertorials are primarily used on websites that bring news or articles. An advertorial will typically take the form of an article. The focus can be on your company or some of your products or services. But it will have a dash of news value or an “aha, that’s interesting”-vibe to it.

It’s all about creating relevancy for the reader. Because we want to keep them reading, right? Again, this works really well for brand awareness and makes more people aware of your company’s existence and offerings.

6. Native advertising

Advertorials are highly related to native advertising. They are very alike – but still different. Native advertising is much more “disguised”. Put in another way, it has the same look and feel as the platform you are advertising on. Most importantly, the tone of voice will match the media.

Native advertising focuses on bringing value to the reader or telling a story. Here, the advertising part is way more indirect. It won’t be “Buy, buy, buy!”. It’s more focused around telling a story, but then smoothly swooping in to mention your company or products. Actually, native advertising will often come off as being written by the media themselves – and not you.

The reader won’t consider it as “hardcore” advertising – even though it will be marked “Sponsored”. That way, you can connect with your target group in a whole new way and in another setting.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can basically be translated into a referral program. An affiliate partner will make sure your company or products are mentioned – and linked to – on different sites. When someone clicks your link and enters your website, the affiliate partner gets paid.

In some cases, you choose to pay when the user signs up for something, buys something or something else. It varies and depends on your business type and the affiliate partner’s business model.

Ready – Set – Go!

… and get started with digital advertising. With these 7 examples, you have a great pool of inspiration to choose from. Don’t necessarily go on board with everything at once. Try one or a few things at a time to test if the method works for you.

Do you want to go for ads in digital marketing material? Our concept gives you that option. We offer interactive brochures and professional films that are supplier funded. So, if one of your customers is planning on starting a project with us, you can tag along with a great ad.

Hopefully, you now feel ready to power up your marketing strategy with some new digital advertising methods. You’ve got this!

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